Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Dya&Alfie latest collections

In my previous post i did mentioned to u pasal i ade buat business tudung dgn my friend Yana.So ni smua collection baru kita org.
Ada shawl and tudung.
Ada yg plain and design.
Material dia macam2 startin from crepe,satin and more.
Harga sangat reasonable.
Rm25 untuk 1 for tudung 4 segi.
If plain colours untk tudung 4 segi u can get 2 tudung for harga rm45 sahaja!!
Murah kan :)
I anyone of u yg drop by my page
Rse interested dgn tudung ni
Boleh contact us through fb and instagram
So happy shopping people.
Lots of love 💋

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