Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Iman Mustafa My Mentor Of Emcee

I just nak cakap few things bout this.Alhamdulillah rase greatful dpt jmpe this amazing person.Dia dah nak grad sem ni.Definitely gonna miss him.He is such a wonderful guy.Igt mase kenal die first sekali.I am the one who approach him time tu die otw nak basuh baju.Still remember him wearing his singlet and kain pelekat or sluar x igt plak pasal tu.Approach dia panggil brother iman.Tup tup tgk tgk dia jadi partner emcee for few events under SUKSIS program with me.Byk bnda baru i blajar from him.It all happen bila i start jadi emcee partner dgn dia masa ada event SUKSIS.It's in BM.And i x brapa bagus nak cakap bahasa berbunga-bunga ni bila tulis BM.Alhamdulillah dia tlg i time tu with my text.Start drpd situ i slalu refer dkt dia kalau i rse ade prob dlm text ucapan i.I am so happy to know him.Rasa bersyukur sgt2.plus dia ambik degree sama dgn i sains politik.So i mmg look up on him.He is a very hardworking guy.And i suka cara dia set his goals of life.Pretty much impressive.I doakan all the best for him and may allah bless this amazing man journey name IMAN MUSTAFA.
Here are few pictures yg i ambik dgn dia masa prgi Prince Hotel.We're both dpt special invite by Tuan Suffian from Bahagian Logistik PDRM.So i really hope that i bleh jmpe dia in a future and perhaps jadi partner emcee lg insyaallah.And with this jugak ade few things yg i mention dkt dia on fb and 1 of his cmment i akan igt smpai bila2.Thx u so much Brother Iman.Keep on shining.
That's all for now Big Love

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